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    Queensland, Australia

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    Bachelor of Education, Diploma in Applied Science, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

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    Primary school

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    History Explorers is the brainchild of Catherine Gordon.  Catherine is a primary school teacher who worked as a museum education officer before starting her own business Education Creations.  Education Creations designs education programmes and resources for a variety of clients including museums, libraries and education publishing companies. Catherine regularly writes articles for the national children's magazine Historicool and has prepared all their teacher kits since the magazine began.  

    History Explorers is an extension of Catherine’s love of history.  Her aim is to design useful, fun and engaging resources for teachers and students to use in the classroom.  You will find a variety of resources including resource kits and historical narratives.  The resource kits generally include an article, background information and associated BLMs.  While the narratives are fun, informative stories which teachers can read to their students.  In addition many of the stories are supported by a fun, colourful power point, prepared and in many cases illustrated by Catherine herself.

    The stars of History Explorers are Ned and Kelly.  Ned and Kelly live in Australia and together their names form the name of one of Australia's most famous bushrangers - Ned Kelly.  Ned and Kelly are school mates who met while serving detention for not having done their homework; instead both were working on a history project about explorers. Ned and Kelly both LOVE history and so they decided to form a history club.   As it was a history project on explorers that brought them together, they decided to call it the History Explorers Club.  Why not join Ned and Kelly in their explorations of all things Historical.  Dowload th free club certificate for your students and get exploring!

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